Camo Queen


Black can be the perfect camouflage. Certainly, if

“I DO!!!”

Where did you ask your special someone to marry yo

‘Twas the Night Before Opening Day (by the Camo Queen)

Twas the night before Opening Day, when all throug

The Best Vacation Ever-Outdoorsman Style (by the Camo Queen)

I should have been suspicious when a giddy outdoor

Fall Is In The Air…. (by the Camo Queen)

The fall season equals hunting season and boy, oh,

Search for “The One” (by the Camo Queen)

The quest to find our one true “person” is the

CAMO 4th of July (by the Camo Queen)

It is soon the 4th of July… This is a day to

Mystery Bite (by the Camo Queen)

Have you ever wondered why you never get as many

To Pee….or Not to Pee? (by the Camo Queen)

We have all heard the term “pissin’ in the win

To The Mothers of the Camo Clad Family (by the Camo Queen)

To all those women who receive beetles, fish scale

Christmas in April (by the Camo Queen)


I Married a Turkey? (by the Camo Queen)

Somehow I missed the part in our wedding vows that

You Did What to My European Mounts? (by the Camo Queen)

Inspiration comes from the strangest places doesn

Tis the Season of the TICK (by the Camo Queen)

There is almost nothing that I hate more than TICK

A Caged Outdoorsman (by the Camo Queen)

Have you ever seen an outdoorsman in March? You kn

It Starts in March (by the Camo Queen)

It Starts in March…SIGH During this time of year

Outdoorsman Calendar (by the Camo Queen)

Winter is coming to an end and the outdoorsman is

The Twelve Days of Valentine’s Day (by the Camo Queen)

Most women wait all year for the day that their si

You Expect Me to Eat That? (by the Camo Queen)

Your outdoorsman has drug in some fur covered crit

Country Boy Hits the City (by the Camo Queen)

Have you ever taken a country boy to the city?  T

Ice Fishing=Death by Hypothermia (by the Camo Queen)

I literally get goose bumps when I say the words,

How to Scare an Outdoorsman (by the Camo Queen)

If you ever want to scare the life out of the “R

Camo Queen- Living with an Outdoorsman New Year Resolutions

As I sit here pondering life, while caressing my C

Christmas Tree “Hunting” (by the Camo Queen)

Now that big game season is over, the outdoorsman

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